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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Beach, Bay, and Breezes Ink Drawing

by Caroline , January 14, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, Sketchbook, artist life, ink, line, making art, materials, plein air, sea scape, sketching, small works, the creative process

This is one of those sketches you create when you just want to sit down and imprint the day and place in your mind. A warm sun toned down by a jaunty breeze, a coffee, a sketchbook, and a happily placed bench provide everything you artist's soul could desire at this moment. The flow of ink over the smooth bristol paper is a joy. So the pen records:

A small lighthouse overlooks a harbor and bay. Sailors take advantage of sun and wind. Other people stroll the breakwater or enjoy the beach. The relaxed busy-ness of a day at the shore creates the narrative of this 6" by 6" drawing (15 cm by 15cm)

The potential buyer will probably also recall precious moments at waterside as I do writing this on a brisk January day.




  kathryn thomas ( homepage )

01/16/2013 * 14:55:14

just found your fabulous work ..... great colors .... fun ideas.

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