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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Otters in the Bay

by Caroline , December 31, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, animals, artist life, healing and wellness, ink, line, painting, promoting art, sea scape, small works, watercolor

I'm beginning to slowly re-edit some of my previous listings on I've discovered that I was a little too ready to let the art speak for itself, when in fact, a wordier approach not only gives the viewer a greater understanding, but also increases the chances to be picked up more by search engines. I think as artists we grow as we create new works. Likewise as representative of our own art we learn with each new effort and become better at presenting our art to the world.

I love the technique I used so this work. The continuous line is a challenge, but it also loosens up the work and gives it a sense of vitality. Right now while care responsibilities are keeping me close to home, this little drawing takes me to one of my favorite places. Maybe that's why I picked it to give extra attention today.



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