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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Across the Bridge

by Caroline , November 6, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, Yupo, artist life, artists and their work, materials, watercolor

A bridge invites the hiker to step over the stream and into the woods. Golden fall leaves litter the trail on this side of the bridge while ferns and other low growing plants provide green patches under the towering trees across the bridge. The bridge invites and challenges, for we never know what we will meet when we metaphorically go "into the woods".

The flow of watercolor on yupo creates its own sense of mystery. It is a material I recommend to those who are willing to be sometimes not quite in control. A walk with yupo, like a walk in the woods, can sometimes produce unexpected outcomes. They may be unexpected beauties or the painterly equivalent of a sprained ankle. Fortunately, both can heal. You've never met a surface more suited to wiping clean and redoing.

We artists meet new bridges to cross constantly as we discover materials, our inner creativity, our interpretation of the world, and how we present our work to others. They invite and challenge.



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