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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Blossoms at the Garden Gate watercolor sketch

by Caroline , October 23, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Sketchbook, artist life, artists and their work, flowers, making art, painting, sketching, watercolor

Two terra cotta pots sit next to a farm style wire-covered garden gate, each holding bright red and yellow blossoms.This is a sketch, the sort of art that appeals to a person who enjoys feeling that they are there, peering over the shoulder of the artist. To me sketches have a wonderful informal feel, and looking at the sketchbook of an artist view into the artist's way of seeing.

While some artists destroy everything except their most polished works, we are fortunate that others hang on to things, so that we have a good chance to view sketches by Degas, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, and many, many more. I enjoy being invited to view the sketchbooks of artist friends, and at an exhibit I will often linger over any sketches or notes encased for view as an addendum to the main display.

As an artist, I like to sketch because it helps me see the world around me more closely, it keeps my inner artist happy when I am short of time for studio pieces, and it is just plain fun to turn a bit of time and a bit of white paper or canvas into a unique creation!



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