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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Back Yard Plein Aire--Early Morning Garden Oil Painting

by Caroline , August 25, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, artist life, flowers, light, making art, oils, painting, plein air, shadow

An early morning summer garden features a flower barrel and a Buddha figure greeting the day. Cool colors and deep shadows are created by the early light, with highlights on the sun-touched snapdragons and dappled bark on the path. I spent some pleasant July mornings on the back patio, coffee cup and painting supplies at hand, working while the light was right. No wonder Monet so enjoyed building his garden at Givency and painting plein aire in his own back yard. What a contrast to some of the weather conditions and long absences from home he endured to catch scenes in various parts of France! The famous boat studio sound like a much more pleasant way of capturing what was before his eyes.

Sometimes we lug equipment about, shed sweat or freeze fingers, because we want a particular painting, but sometimes there is no place like home!



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