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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Deciding on a Style to Describe a Painting

by Caroline , August 3, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, art, backgrounds, color, defining art styles, light, making art, mood, nature, sea scape, the creative process

Recently on another site, someone asked for others to describe her painting style. She felt baffled when people asked her because the terms are so often hard to define. How well I understood! When I'm listing a particular piece of art, I'm often asking myself is it more this? or more that? I've noticed that on the continuum from realism to abstract, a good many artists settle on impressionism as a comfortable fit. More analysis might cause them to use a term that better described their art.

I settled on environmental for this peice. The world is painted in layers of blue, the dark sea, the paler blue of distant hills along the coast,and a pale blue sky. Sailboats and water chop provide white accents, and touches of red mark a billowing sail and rooftops on the point at the left of the seascape. As I painted it, in fact at the core of my decision to paint it, was the way tones of blue layer back into the distance at the shore. Atmospheric conditions provide a constantly changing patterns of color and sense of depth and distance. The marine layer, or coastal fog, like the ocean itself is in continual motion. It is easy to obsess on than environment and make it the core character of the painting.



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