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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Fall Waterfall

by Caroline , February 10, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: color, painting, poured paint, technique, watercolor

Watercolor with the intense flow of poured paint creates the heart of this almost abstract landscape. I had actually mixed the blue (using indanthrene blue, ultramarine blue, and I think a little Payne's gray) some time earlier for use as a background for a sunflower painting for a class I taught. I had kept the paint in a tightly closed jar where it stayed liquid and may have thickened a little. I poured it on wet the 140 lb watercolor and let it run. I added a few other colors on the wet paper and let the whole thing dry. Only later did I decide what it would become.

The scene comes from memory and imagination. In the mountains about an hour's drive from my home fall rains re-energize the streams and creeks after a dry summer, sometimes supplemented by excess let go from reservoirs to make room for later run-off containment or to provide more water for the fall salmon run.

I finished this be painting in details, intensifying some areas and lifting paint from others, especially to create the mist at the base of the waterfall and to define the foreground trees.



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