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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Christmas Collage in Green and Blue

by Caroline , November 29, 2011—04:50 PM

Topics: Landscape, gouache, greeting cards, making art, materials, mixed media, the creative process

Merry Christmas!

I've listed this painting just as December is about to begin. Paint and collage combine in depicting a cold and silent night with angel voices singing. I am always intrigued by Christmas stamps, and enjoy seeing both the secular and the religious ones. So often these bring us miniature versions of great art from the Renaissance period.

Here I combine Christmas stamps, beautiful papers, and painting in watercolor and gouache for an unconventional and somewhat abstract portrayal of the holy night. The gouache was necessary to produce my whites on the dark paper and deep blue watercolor on the sky.

I hope you enjoy the painting and accept it as my greeting card to everyone who reads this. I am using it on greeting cards I will send out this year.



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