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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Lighthouse on Scratchboard

by Caroline , November 10, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, Landscape, color, composition, light, line, making art, scratch, scratchboard, sea scape, watercolor

A lighthouse on dunes where a river meets the sea is surrounded by breaking fog and by dune grasses. The piece evokes a feeling of the shore without a bit of water in sight.

I have painted this lighthouse before in watercolor, but I decided to try it in scratch board, a medium which emphasizes the importance of line. The architectural lines of the lighthouse contrast with the random sway of the beach grasses. There was some risk in placing the strong verticals of the light tower and the pathway so nearly at the center of the composition, but I think it works. The broken vertical moving from the light tower to the pathway and the interesting window to the right of the lighthouse door help create harmonious movement.

The color palette is very limited. Black and white create the most import forms. I like the touch of color as a way of expressing the feeling of a brightening morning as the marine layer breaks up and sun warms the light even before it warms the day.



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