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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Floral or Landscape?

by Caroline , October 14, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, color, flowers, making art, nature, watercolor

White desert poppies grow on the eastern side of Sierra Nevada peaks, where moisture is sparse. Their yellow centers are echoed in the dry plants and soils beyond. Few trees climb the base of the mountains. The hearty flowers brighten the day. A trace of snow dots the mountain caps behind them.

It was tempting to make this painting a floral, pulling in close to the blossoms and prickly leaves of this flower. This time though I decided to place them in their setting. The viewer gets a chance to see how these bright white little blossoms capture attention even in the bigness of these western lands. The thin petaled blossoms bend to various shapes in the desert winds, but the plant they grow on shows a rugged tenacity.



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