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Caroline Henry Art Blog

I Must Paint That Moments: Black & White Iris

by Caroline , June 16, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: art, artist life, flowers, inspiration, making art, painting, reflected color, the creative process, watercolor, wet on wet painting

Black and white iris make a striking contrast where they grow in my garden, so one fine spring day this trio caught my eye and I had one of those "I must paint that" moments. The work went very quickly, or as quickly as it can in watercolor when you reach points where you don't want to work wet into wet; for I was very aware of catching the nuances of color and the shapes before they changed as flowers will.

Those "I must paint (or draw)..." moments can happen anytime, anywhere, and they can be an artist's friend and powerful force. It can be the toss of a horse's head, the tilt of a sail in the wind, the green depths of the sea, a rickety old building, a compelling face, an odd arrangement of rusty items in farm's discards--whatever speaks to a particular artist. It can lead the artist to set aside everything and pursue the painting immediately, or it can simmer along until one's work schedule allows one to go back and seek the experience again. Many of us photograph such images on the fly for later work in our studios; but it is a joy to be able to capture the immediacy and set right to work!



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