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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Watercolor Goat in Pasture

by Caroline , April 8, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, animals, composition, nature, painting

A goat in the foreground looks directly out of the picture plane to the viewer. Further into the field a cluster of three go about their goat business. The greens of spring color the field along with a scattering of wildflowers.

I find it interesting that animals will give you that arresting stare and judge whether you are a danger. If they mistrust, they are out of there. If you seem okay, the stare may continue as if in pure curiosity. This goat looked up as I parked the car along the roadside, watched as I took the photo, and didn't lost interest until I was ready to go. In that instance, we both had about the same attention span!

The setting had enough bucolic, spring time peace and beauty to have set a romantic poet, such as Wordsworth or Keats, to creating a new ode. I sought to capture those colors and the sense of soft warm air.

I moved the three sheep in the background to create a more pleasing composition. They were directly behind the other figure. Notice that the whitest spot is the large goat's face, further set of by the darkest darks at the sides of its face.





02/03/2013 * 21:07:39

I like the composition,the strong colors and you really captured the curiosity of the sheep.

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