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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Fish! Sometimes Artists Just Want to Have Fun

by Caroline , January 26, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: animals, color, humor, mixed media, technique

When I added "Fish" to my studio, I noticed it is the first painting listed here under the "humor" category. So, first I'm wondering, are "humor" and "whimsical" categories that others would use with this painting?

It is the first in a gallery I am calling "Artist at Play". This one began when I was doodling around with cat forms. I liked these three--but what were they all interested in. It had to be exciting enough to make one jump for joy and valuable enough in the cat mind for a direct stare or a sidelong pre-pouncing gave. A fish of course! I moved from ink to watercolor at that point. For my bright finish I brought out the Prismacolor markers for lasting color. I decided to use a series of repeated patterns for a unifying effect.

My more playful pieces usually, but not always, start with an animal which is a suggestion of its essential for or personality rather than a focus on realism.




  Kelly Marszycki ( homepage )

02/05/2008 * 20:52:30

Thanks for your comment -- and I like your "Fish!" -- sort of like my "Summer Java" -- playful, whimsical, no stress!


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