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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Coffee Cups & Other Small Delights

by Caroline , February 8, 2011—03:52 PM

Topics: ACEOs, Drawing, Still Life, coffee art, ink, marker pen, small works

I just posted a framed painting/drawing built around an ACEO card. "Coffee Cups" invites an amused and joyful view of life. Ordinary objects are given importance in the ink and marker drawing, and that same drawing is complimented by its embossed paper background and the surrounding mat and frame. Yet at only 8" by 10" framed, it does not demand a lot of wall space

The popular 2.5 by 3.5 inch art cards may be kept in albums and storage boxes, but they also make some very nice framed art. From an artist's viewpoint, small art is a wonderful way to work when life takes you away from your studio or the great outdoors and you must achieve something within a small work space. From a collector's viewpoint small art allows us to enjoy more works of art than we might think we have room for. Shortly I will be posting a longer treatment of the ATC/ACEO card on my featured ArtId blog with a photo of a quite different treatment of the coffee cup in miniature art.



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