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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Persimmons in Winter

by Caroline , October 17, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, backgrounds, light, pastel

Persimmon trees are at their most beautiful in winter when bare limbed trees are ornaments in bright orange. They are stunning on clear January days when outlined by a bright blue sky. The persimmons take on a magical glow when caught in light against a night sky.

This tree is behind a house, lit by the light shining out a large window or sliding door, with the dark night sky beyond. A dusting of snow on the tree, the fence, and the ground adds to the feel of winter. The one area of bright color is the orange fruit. The work is in pastel pencil. Image is 6" by 9" shipped in an 11" by 14" white mat.

For comments on this painting in the broader context of Nocturnes in Art see my art_composition ArtId blog



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