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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Painting Close to Home

by Caroline , January 15, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: flowers, india paper, painting, shadow, watercolor

I have completed my first artid gallery, and every painting in it had its genesis a few steps from my door. One of the blessings of painting is that it helps us see the ordinary in fresh ways--whether through the focus we give it as artists or as viewers. For example, Van Gogh's sunflowers, Wayne Thiebaux slices of pie, and Da Vinci's drawings of a pair of hands stop us in are tracks and speak directly to the heart with the message "These things matter."

The "Calla Trio" sprang from the row of callas growing along the north side of my house. I've always admired those flowers for the serene beauty they maintain despite the best California's San Joaquin Valley can throw at them. They are a cooling vision on a 104 degree summer day, they dance in wind and rain, and they perk up after frosts that I think have put them under until they start fresh from the ground. When I painted them I honored their toughness by painting them on rough India watercolor paper with a wonderful handmade irregularity to its surface. It was a challenging surface to work. It gulps water and pigment, and the brush wants to skip along the surface, but I quite like the result.It does not have the watery look that occurs as pigment flows on less soft surfaces, but it did result is interesting depths within the shadows while maintaining the medium's transparency.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

01/15/2008 * 18:05:45

What a blessing to how some much inspiration so close at hand! Thanks for sharing your thoughts behind your paper selection, that adds a really interesting insight to the work.

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