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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Why Create Self-Portraits?

by Caroline , June 18, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, artist life, artists and their work, ink, portrait, self-portrait

Modified contour ink drawings catch a likeness in a quick effort. While I don't see a portrait of myself as a marketable work, I do accept commissions. Modified contour drawings such as this fall somewhere between the highly realistic and the caricature. The look is informal and fun.

Almost any artist who enjoys drawing or painting people will produce a number of self portraits. Among the old masters, Rembrandt may be the ultimate self-portrait artist leaving behind excellent examples of his likeness from youth to old age. But almost no artist can resist. What model is more handily available? Then there is that very human question "Who am I?" which makes the experience both an artistic and a psychological exploration.

That's an interesting bonus isn't it? One can hone ones artistic skills while perhaps gaining increased self-understanding.




  Marilyn Stubblebine ( homepage )

08/07/2010 * 20:22:14

The readers of your blogs are also gaining an increased understanding of you. Your art work is so connected to the people, surroundings, and events in your everyday life. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful blogs and seeing your work. I invite you to check out my blog (just recently begun):

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