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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Intersection with Expectations

by Caroline , June 6, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: cityscape, humor, ink, making art, watercolor

A city intersection in an older part of town is sprinkled with unexpected elements. A green snake climbs the planter stake and someone has walked out of her red high heeled shoes. A dogs lazes in the street despite traffic. The more you look that more surprising details emerge. The drawing is 11" by 14" on watercolor paper with watercolor wash. Unframed.

I spent a lot of time on this piece. I wanted to make it a layered experience. It needed to be that pleasant looking tree-lined street corner, obviously in an older part of town with newer high rises in the distance. The boy on a bicycle fits right into that charming little scene. It is so normal that the strange to surreal elements provide that much more an intersection with expectations and the unexpected.





11/25/2014 * 13:26:53

Nice fresh work, worth more then a full scale painting, it's a live, well done and so well observed.


  Heaven ( homepage )

08/08/2011 * 07:21:08

What a joy to find such clear thikning. Thanks for posting!

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