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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Vase with tangerines

by Caroline , February 24, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Still Life, color, composition, making art, materials, pastel, perspective, small works

Original pastel shows three tangerines next to a celadon vase with an abstract water lily leaf pattern in blue. A blue silk cloth lies under these objects and a peach colored wall is seen behind them. This small pastel is on 5" × 7" Ampersand pastel board, and will be shipped in its 8" × 10" frame.

I love working with the toothy Ampersand pastel board. It hangs on to the pastels extremely well.

Notice the repeated shapes and colors accompanied by eye pleasing variation. The purple shadows and the fruit break the blue into a larger and a smaller segment, and the vase breaks the larger segment for three blue shapes. The three rounds of fruit are each smaller and paler moving back on the picture plane. The vase, drawn from one of my favorites, has a pattern that looks like water lily pads in varying shapes and sizes.



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