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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Pelicans on the Rock

by Caroline , February 5, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: acrylic, backgrounds, birds, light, nature, sea scape, shadow

At the top of an off shore rock pelicans gather, and a lone comorant stands sentinel at the left end of the formation. Mists swirl in the blue sky behind them. The rock itself is a rugged blend of light and shadow. This original painting is in acrylic on stretched canvas.

Without a drop of water in sight, this painting speaks of the sea. Part of it is the light bouncing white off the top of the rocks and reflecting back in the fog swirling in the sky. We identify pelicans and cormorants with the sea even though they can be found along in shore lakes at certain times of the year. The birds also speak of the ocean breeze, either facing directly i to it or hunkered down against it as several of the pelicans are. I love taking a corner of a great stone formation along the coast and trying to create the whole feeling from just a small portion of the scene.



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