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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

by Caroline , January 16, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: ACEOs, acrylics, animals, color, composition, inspiration, making art, painting, the creative process

This is a detail of my latest addition to my ArtId gallery and most definitely and 'Artist at Play" product. I had created an ACEO by developing some odd bits of color already existing on a small sheet of paper cut from a failed painting The ACEO was in a vertical format and showed a little sheep in a shed and some foliage in the background. I liked it a lot and decided to build a larger painting from the basic set of forms and colors. However, in the larger size a horizontal composition felt right. For this larger version, I also decided on acrylics rather then the watercolor and pen & ink used for the ACEO.

Original acrylic painting features a black sheep in a field of dry yellow grass. A farm shed is behind the sheep and to the right, while a bit of sky is seen through the lilac and green trees in the background. This playful acrylic is painted on canvas board. The sheep has spiral curls shown by digging back to gray white through the top layer of paint. This layered composition is colorful, crisp with high contrast, and meant to make the viewer smile.




  Debbie Hudson

04/04/2017 * 12:26:56

I love this painting - Is it for sale? If so, what size?

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