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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Merry Christmas Messages

by Caroline , December 20, 2009—11:31 PM

Topics: artist life, artists and their work, greeting cards, watercolor

How many of you create your own Christmas cards? This is one of the images I used this year on my personal Christmas greetings; I had a couple of others that I used at the top of letters or invitations. The Smithsonian magazine December issue in an article by Abby Callard called "Glee Mail" shows cards created for their personal greetings by a number of noted artists. I particularly like an Art Nouveau style card created by August Arp shown in the magazine. They put more artists' cards on their website at http//

These cards were a way for each of these artists to send a very personal message that only they could create.

My watercolor Santa brings a Merry Christmas wish to those of you here at ArtId, and best wishes for a happy and creative New Year.



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