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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Red Zinnia

by Caroline , November 20, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: acrylics, flowers, light, painting, reflected color, small works

A red zinnia fills a 5" by 5" square. This is not a classic miniature which takes a larger subject and renders in on a tiny scale, but an approximately life size flower. However is is rendered in a fairly painterly representation that does not claim to be the flower but pleasing lines and colors that will certainly put you in mind of a flower. The blush tone of the background plays a bit with the reflected color we often show in white fabric in more complex floral paintings.

It is rather pleasant sitting on an easel among other loved objects although I can well imagine someone finding a wall spot for it.

I like the layering that is so apparent in zinnia blossoms, as though they were advertising their complexity. You have bits of light and shadow, and that little circlet of extra color with its own dark spots at the center. I've painted them in bouquets before, but I let this one shine all on its own.



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