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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Revisiting the Sketchbook

by Caroline , November 6, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, Landscape, Sketchbook, composition, plein air

I made this sketch on a recent trip to Felton, California, a small town among the redwood forests in the coastal mountains south of San Francisco. The bridge is reputed to the the tallest covered wooden bridge in the world, and I drew it straight on to emphasize the height.

It was a brisk fall morning, with a wind sufficient to damage and shut down San Francisco's Bay Bridge, some miles to the north, but simply chilly in Felton. I worked fairly quickly because I did not want to be out in that location too long. Under pleasanter weather conditions, I painted a plien air acrylic version of the bridge in two morning sessions last year. That is listed on my Etsy site

The top of the bridge is out of the picture plane in this drawing; an effect I rather like as I think it is one more element that stresses the height of this redwood structure. Fall color in the leaves adds warmth the watercolor wash.



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