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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Open Studios Review & a Surprising Sale

by Caroline , October 24, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Sketchbook, art events, exhibiting art, plein air, studio, studio tour

Our LOST (Lodi Open Studios Tour) event last weekend was pronounced best ever by the artists and by the many visitors who talked about their pleasure in the tour. I showed some of my art in the garden leading into the studio. This is a popular feature with my studio visitors as well as that of my friends Sam Bassett and Pepe Pool who show their concrete sculptures in a garden setting. I sold a large framed painting from the garden, not the one shown here but a poured watercolor pieces called "Heavenly Path".

I love how organized my studio is in the aftermath of the tour. I know it won't stay that way, but it's been five days and it still looks good. It was fun showing my workspace to others, both artists and non-artists, and a lot of new people "discovered" me. I think we all heard "I had no idea there were so many wonderful artists in this community" more than once.

Of my other sales, the most surprising and fun, was having someone totally fall in love with a page of my sketchbook with a plein ariwatercolor of the base of a redwood tree. This person already has two of my paintings, so for her I gladly put a price on the watercolor sketch and tore the page from the sketchbook!



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