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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Why invite people into your studio?

by Caroline , October 3, 2009—11:31 PM

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I haven't been posting, but I have been painting and organizing. It's two weeks until LOST (Lodi Open Studios Tour), and yesterday evening we launched our preview show and event raffle at the Lodi Community Art Center Gallery. Our best lure to get everyone out to the all the studios in the event is an opportunity to possibly win $1200 of art of your choice from the artists in the tour if you visit every studio and get your passport (ticket) stamped.

This event is tons of work, but I'm doing it for the third time and consider it well worthwhile. It gets me painting intensely because I would not like to have visitors feel that they were seeing basically work that had been in previous shows.

It makes me think about what I do and why I do it. I know that my visitors are going to want the stories that reveal this. Increased self-understanding is always good.

I want the studio to look good so I see that it does--it's kind of the invite people over you show them respect by having a clean house thing. (I long ago gave up apologizing for the messes we all have if I have drop in guests). I love a clean studio.

We make sure the garden is at its best because I show some of my art there. I should; the garden is a great source of inspiration.

Open Studios is a wonderful opportunity to meet people who enjoy art and talking about art.

Sales opportunities, both immediate and future, arise. This year I do want to have plenty of small works and reproductions available, because people's desire for art does not diminish in a recession, but their disposable income may.

It's fun working with the other artists as we set this thing up. Last year we made a quick preview tour on the Friday evening before , and we plan to do that again. I would recommend it to anyone who is part of a tour. Not only do you get the pleasure of seeing how your colleagues work and their newest creations, but each of you is in a better position to recommend the other parts of the tour to your own visitors. You will help make it a better event for yourself and for the art patrons if you are supportive on one another.




  Joanie Selman-Prince

10/03/2009 * 23:51:50

What a nice blog! You write superbly, and your idea of the preview tour was/is
wonderful...I have been unable to participate these past two years, and feel that I've missed out...hopefully I can retire or semi-retire soon which would enable me to paint more and participate in more of our mutual activities.

Keep up the good work!

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