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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Finishing a Challenging Piece: Volcano in the Blue Distance

by Caroline , August 21, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, Landscape, backgrounds, color, ink, painting, plein air, watercolor

Fall colors in the foreground are highlighted by the contrasting purple and blue of the distant mountains including Lassen's peak. I began this as a plein air work in the light of late afternoon in the autumn with the shadows of evening starting to fall, but the fading sunlight bouncing golden off the mountain top. I exaggerated the colors somewhat to give the feeling to the time and place to the viewer. We were on the western slopes of the Sierra/Cascade region looking back at the volcanic peak of Lassen on our way home from a camping trip at Lassen National Park when we stopped to enjoy and capture this scene.

I did the painting several years ago. I liked the painting, but it lived in a drawer waiting for that something to make it sparkle. The transitions from section to section were just a little to subtle in the effort to capture the soft light of the later part of the day. In the last couple of years I've done some very successful work combining watercolor with pen and ink, and it seem to me that some line work might be just what it took to bring this painting to completion. I liked the result and hope viewers do, too.




  kelly m. ( homepage )

08/24/2009 * 15:38:02

Hi, Caroline --

I think this work has such a delicate feel and your gradation of colors is wonderful! I think there is such a contrast between the light and colors on the West Coast vs. East Coast. I was struck by the palette when visiting S.F. last year!

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