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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Pond at Zion Park

by Caroline , August 13, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, Sketchbook, color, composition, figures, mood, painting, plein air, shadow, watercolor

Two boys play in a pool among oversized boulders at Zion National Park in Utah USA. The watercolor painting depicts both the rugged majesty of America's southwestern region and the charm of children at play anywhere.

This painting started as a plein aire watercolor sketch. The original composition covered a larger area, getting into the scrub brush and canyon wall behind this scene and including a boy climbing on the large rock behind the wading, dancing boy. In the end it seemed better to focus on the more intimate scene. The story becomes one of childhood living in the joy of the moment, for the time being unimpressed by the grandeur around them and sending laughter rippling against the mighty walls of Zion.

I like the contrast of the angular rocks, the bold dark shadows, the heat of the yellow rock surfaces versus curvature in living forms, the softer reflections of the figures, and the cool green of the water,



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