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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Mendocino Village Twilight

by Caroline , August 1, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Clay board, Landscape, ink, light, making art, materials, painting, scratch, scratchboard, sea scape, small works, technique, watercolor

Scratchboard drawing with watercolor tint of the northern California coastal village, Mendicino, as seen looking out across one of the inlets along the Mendicino Headlands. The fog above the village was created by using steel wool to remove the india ink while leaving a good deal of gray. This allows the crisp whites of the village buildings, including the church steeple, to stand out as the whitest whites in the painting, calling attention to the village which actually takes up only a small part of the total surface area. The rock, shown in the light red-browns tints common along this crumbling coast, is shadowed by the deep blacks of the india ink, supporting the rugged quality of the cliffs. By day the summer grasses on the cliff top are dazzling yellow in the sunlight or a faded dun under a marine layer, but at twilight they show more shadow than light.

Watercolor was a good finish for this piece because twilight calls for quiet non-aggressive color. Th resistance of the white clay surface under the india ink and a restrained application of pigment helped bring this about.



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