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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Pears & Wine Ink Painting

by Caroline , July 25, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Still Life, ink, materials, technique

Two pears on a table sit in front of a wine glass. The wine glass is half full suggesting a person nearby. The painting is done in sumi-e ink. Light comes from above and to the right, casting shadows below and toward the left. The work is done on rice paper.

I received my first brush painting ink, ink stone, brushes, water dish, and brush holder, along with an instruction book in Japanese style brush painting as a gift kit several years ago. With that I began to do some self-taught brush painting. I've had fun with it and have sold a number of pieces including still life and whimsical animal paintings.

I've had the opportunity to sign up for a class in November for more formal brush painting training by an artist who was taught by a Chinese master brush painter. It was years ago, and he was an elderly immigrant to the United States who spoke no English, and she spoke no Chinese. She found a way to communicate her desire to learn and found her master teacher, and he found a new purpose in life. I am hoping to paint with a wiser and surer hand after I take this workshop, helping me grow in an art I find profoundly beautiful in its simplicity



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