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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Drawn to Original Art

by Caroline , June 18, 2009—11:15 PM

Topics: Drawing, Sketchbook, artists and their work, buying art, exhibiting art, marketing and promotion, painting

The sketchbook drawing here has nothing to do with the theme of this blog post except that I drew this river scene at a restaurant on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta area where the wall are adorned by painting by Dorcys Burchell who still produces delightful paintings as a nonagenarian. The restaurant building itself is a drab rickety structure getting on in years itself, but the paintings add a spark of warmth as powerful toward its ambiance as the river view outside.

Thousands of little diners have their walls adorned with "cute" prints (reproductions) or "junque". Those who buy original art, which can often be purchased from local artists at surprisingly reasonable prices, or allow local artists to display and sell work on their walls, are doing themselves a favor. In the right location, such as along a waterfront, shabby can be charming if it serves up good food and beautiful, comical, challenging, or otherwise unique art.



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