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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Lodi Vineyard & Mustard Blossom

by Caroline , June 12, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, Landscape, color, ink, painting, watercolor

Bright yellow mustard grows abundantly among the dormant vines of a vineyard in January. A rain puddle in the foreground is colored by the reflection of a sky where spent rain clouds drift. Bare branched trees line the far edge of the vineyard field. The painting is 10 inches by 7 inches. It is done in watercolor and sepia ink.

This work is more of a painting than a drawing, but the lacework of bare branches against the sky brought the sepia colored ink to mind, and the effect proved it a good decision. The mustard, grasses, vineyard, and clouds are painted very loosely with hue and expanses of color of greater consequence than fine detail. Only the trees get this treatment, and it is more suggestion than photorealism.




  Paulo ( homepage )

09/29/2012 * 23:56:54

They look better beacsue you see them with fresh eyes. Keep drawing and then come back to Paducah and be an artist AND a quilter.

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