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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Coffee Break

by Caroline , May 31, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, Still Life, coffee art, color, marketing and promotion, pastel

This pastel drawing is a still life depicting a coffee cup and fruit on a table with a shadowed wall in the background. Warm brown and gold tones predominate but are cooled by the greens in the pear and apple and the blue shadows. Image is 8" by 12" presented in and protected by a 16" by 20" mat. It is currently listed on ArtId's Ebay store.

Coffee is on my mind because of Mary Lawler's recent communication urging people to get their CD's of art completed for submission to the Independent Coffeehouse Network. I don't get it that so few people have applied. It seems to me this is a great way to get promotion which feels like entertainment to the viewer and potential art buyer at no cost except what you are already paying in ArtId fees.



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