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Caroline Henry Art Blog

The Pleasure of Teaching

by Caroline , May 16, 2009—10:23 PM

Topics: Drawing, art education, ink, pencil drawing, the artist's life

This is a detail of a sampler of nine pears (my most recent gallery posting on ArtId) which I developed as a model for the beginning drawing class I am now teaching at Lodi Community Art Center. I had not taught art classes for a while, and it is fun to be back at it.

In teaching anything anywhere one of the greatest pleasures is each "aha!" moment when a student suddenly "gets" the lesson. I also find that whether I am taking a workshop or teaching, my own skills and understanding grow. For example, It had been years since I did any appreciable amount of stippling, and I remembered it being a rather boring means to reach and end. In teaching a drawing made up of stipples, I found a fresh interest. I would now define stippling as intriguing and relaxing rather than boring.

One reason I started this class although "I don't have time for that" was in response to many queries at the Art Center about drawing classes. I recommend teaching classes or workshops to any accomplished artist who can bring the left brain and right brain together to communicate the processes of your creativity. It is good for your thinking about your own art, it may help create excitement about art in your community, it can be a source of income, and It can make you better known as an artist in your community.



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