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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Surreal Grasshopper Still Life

by Caroline , April 16, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, Still Life, defining art styles, ink, inspiration, nature, titles, watercolor

A show title brought about the idea for this piece. The title was "Still Life Dreams" and I started thinking in terms of how a still life might appear in the dream state. At first I thought of having it held by an elephant or turtle--both mythological holders up of the world. But I thought those creatures might end of looking like ceramic pieces that were just part of the still life, and I was not yet thinking in terms of a natural background. Then a bug seemed like a good idea, because the size would be so out of joint. Of all bugs, the grasshopper seems the unlikeliest creature to balance a load--imagine the objects flying when he leaps.

The drawing disappeared into the grasses when completed. At that point I decided to add color to the background only. I was rather pleased with the result.

The next problem was deciding how to classify it in my ArtId listing. I'm not sure that surreal still life quite does it, but it seems less misleading than an insect or a nature listing. Abstract plus surreal just did not seem specific enough. What follows in the description that goes with the gallery listing.

In this ink drawing a grasshopper balances a footed tray on his back. The tray holds a still life with pears, bottle, wine glass, and grapes. Grasses grow, tall behind the grasshopper and still life arrangement. The background is tinted with water colors to a brownish ocher. The grasshopper and still life stand out as a black and white line drawing. The 4 inch by 4 inch work is nestled in a white mat an frame. The frame is slightly over 6.5 inches square on the outside dimensions, small enough to fit a tiny wall section or shelf space that begs for its own original work of art.



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