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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Meeting the Art Muse as day begins

by Caroline , April 7, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, Landscape, Sketchbook, inspiration, light, making art, pencil drawing, the artist's life

This drawing, like the one called 'Stormy Beach Watch" which I added to one of my galleries yesterday, is a result of one of my habits when away from home. I am by nature and early riser and Tom is not. If we don't having anything early scheduled, I will let him sleep, grab my art bag, and take a walk. Usually involving a stop for coffee along the way, on this day at Java Junction, an aptly named coffee house next to the railway from the beach up to the redwoods.

I can always find something worthy of sketching--more than enough so that I will often spot sites for a later visit. The morning light creates lovely value studies. The morning I did this I noticed a perfect low wall for sitting on and viewing the river mouth as I walked down for coffee and knew I would draw it on return. I meandered in and out along streets with interesting century+ old homes and engaging gardens, made a side trip to view the beach, got my coffee and scone, and back up the rising street to my selected site. One of my favorite ways to begin a day.



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