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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Creative Chaos vs Serene Studio

by Caroline , April 4, 2009—10:31 PM

Topics: organization, studio, the artist's life

This is my studio work table, the clear surface that invites work. Rrright! That was after I had already placed the mat cutter back in its closet and the mat cutting board back on its storage table. An aside: Why don't I just cut mat on the table where I store the cutting board? The only floor space available puts the table in a spot that simply won't work for a left-handed worker. If I were right handed or could reverse the room, it would work perfectly. I won't switch out table usage, because I couldn't abide facing a wall while I painted or drew.

I've been working on cleaning the studio off and on for over a week. It is better. A long shelf space where art books, paper cutter, music, etc, resides is orderly (and dusted) The table is half clear so that I have been able to draw at one end. The paints not in current use are put away. Meanwhile myriad distractions slow down the process. Yes, we did need to spend three days in Santa Cruz even though it has lovely beaches where I sun-burned my feet. Hours in the garden have been absolutely essential for the sake of the flora and fauna and my soul. There were things for my art group that needed attention. Friends, family, life! Nevertheless, I shall persevere. Before long this room will be neat, organized, inspiring in exactly the same way a blank sheet of paper or canvas is. I may even resolve to keep it that way--but I know better. The cycle from serenity to chaos and back again will continue, and both are somehow part of the creative process.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

04/07/2009 * 12:07:43

"The cycle from serenity to chaos and back again will continue, and both are somehow part of the creative process."

Well said, and certainly true of my own work and studio space. Thanks for sharing!


  Rebecca Wise Girson ( homepage )

04/07/2009 * 10:25:21

Caroline- I love this blog post. As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words and the one you posted is a scene very familiar to me. I am constantly changing my studio/office space around (note: this entails moving furniture and piles, not necessarily organizing anything). Fortunately/unfortunately, I have this huge art closet that holds a lot when I need things to "appear" less cluttered, but it is a total and utter disaster area at the moment. I recently took some pics of my studio, but I can assure you, one of my closet will not likely make the cut.

Thanks for posting!


  mike barr ( homepage )

04/07/2009 * 02:37:58

Looks like my kind of work area!

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