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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Over-loaded but still painting

by Caroline , March 26, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: art events, art organization, flowers, painting, shows, watercolor

Once again things like marketing and blogging were set aside during the lead up to the Lodi Art Center's Spring Art Annual at Woodbridge Winery. As president of this local art group and one who has been around long enough to know how we do the various tasks, I find myself deeply involved as a servant to "Art" with a capital "A" while we put together this 49 year old regional art annual. It was a wonderful show, people came, drank wine, had fun, and experience a good variety of art works. My husband Tom and I acquired a new piece for our own collection, too, a lovely ceramic kimono which keeps attracting my eye even as I set typing this.

One thing I did not stop doing during the past very busy month, though, was painting. One result is this tiger lily. This tiger lily is viewed so close that it extends beyond the borders and into the viewer's imagination. The painting is full of arcs, curls, and curves and vibrant with color. Areas of paint lifted from the background hint at forms deeper into the garden.

I hope to get back to a more regular appearance on this site and others, but there are no shows if someone isn't crazy enough to put in the time organizing them!



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