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Caroline Henry Art Blog

49th Lodi Spring Art Annual at Woodbridge Winery

by Caroline , March 7, 2009—11:35 PM

Topics: art events, art organization, shows

Lodi, California, was the boyhood home of internationally known vintner Robert Mondavi, and Woodbridge Winery is where that wine making tradition began. When the Lodi Spring Art Annual displays work from northern California artists in the winery's barrel room it seems a natural fit. Wine and art shine as symbiotic pleasures during the weekend of March 21 and 22.

We took in entries for the show today at the Lodi Community Art Center. While show preparation has been a major distraction from this blog and slowed the pace of my own art production in recent days, I greatly look forward to each years show. Our three judges will have a challenging and I hope pleasurable job tomorrow as they jury the show and then make awards with some wonderful work to choose from.



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