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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Capturing the Mood, Quiet Corner

by Caroline , February 28, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: inspiration, making art, mood, titles, watercolor

Travel is often the inspiration for paintings, and sometimes it is too tempting to focus on the big picture, the claim to fame of the spot we are visiting. However, a small detail can often best capture the mood of a place. The French Quarter of New Orleans rings with jazz music and crowd noises. Yet it also invites one to relax and turn to a slower paced time in history. It has its quiet corners, such as this one.

This water color painting depicts a pedestal plant stand with the look of classical statuary. Other pots nearby hold plants with shiny foliage. Red bricks make up the wall behind it and the walkway beside it. I painted it several years ago and have held on to it. It takes me back to an easy mood seated at a cafe where tables are set up in a once upon a time alley way. The sound is jazz and muted voices, The reds of the old hand made bricks establish a companionable harmony with the green foliage. It does not shout New Orleans, but it holds the mood of one little niche within the city.

My other New Orleans painting, "A Bus Named Desire", sold shortly after I put it on the market. It was a bus with its destination appearing conveniently as "Desire" against the background of one of the old city streets done in ink and watercolor. I'm sure the pun helped sell it.



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