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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Painting an Aroma

by Caroline , February 19, 2009—02:02 PM

Topics: Landscape, humor, ink, inspiration, making art, watercolor

This work in progress, which is in ink and watercolor, came about as a result of a challenge my son gave me when I put together my "Lodi Scenes" featured artist show. Dan asked me "Where's General Mills?" While Lodi, California, is best known as a wine community, the General Mills plant has been there for as long as I can remember and is certainly an identifiable landmark. My response, though, was, "What? A big regtangular box with a letter G on it?"

One of the positives of having the big G in town is the aroma when they bake the Cheerios, and one December day when I was driving along and suddenly hit by the distinct odor of Cheerios inspiration also hit. The General Mills presence is most notable not in the building, or in the truck and trains that deliver product, but in that scent. By the time I began adding to the "Lodi Scenes" show to freshen it and replace sold paintings for a March encore for a First Friday show at Scooter's restaurant, I knew what I wanted to do. Fill the air with Cheerios. The runner and his dog are included, because you need a breathing creature within the scene to inhale and appreciate.



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