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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Finding One's Path into the Painting

by Caroline , January 14, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, composition, making art, mixed media, painting, poured paint, watercolor

"Heavenly Path" took a long time to paint. It started as spill of dark blue paint with bits of watery reds and yellows dropped in on watercolor paper. After a great deal of thought, it seemed to me that the central area should be a window into another world, a glimpse though to an enchanted place. At this point the pines came into being, the pinks and yellow were given more definite shapes as blossoming shru. I also Intensified the red in the deep blue at the top, and let the geeen emerge above. scatterings of blue long the bottom were stretched to form a path, still in a blue gray. i lifted some blue in various parts of the painting to give greater light to the world.

Still it wasn't finished. It waited. The movement from mundane world to sublime required a gate, and I did that in a coppery gold acrylic, also touching the tops of the shrubs below the pines with it. A few splotches of it touch the area below the gate and to the left. finally I picked it up again this week and added gold ink to the path, the touch of deep red for the bushes at the bottom of the window area, and the shadows on the gate. At last I feel that I have a completed painting!



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