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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Bandit at the Window

by Caroline , January 10, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: animals, humor, ink, marketing and promotion

Animals are fun to draw and occasionally they bring out the cartoonist in me. Pen and Ink drawing of a raccoon on a tree branch outside an open window makes that masked face look mighty suspicious!

Reference photos and observations provided the model for this raccoon and the background came from my imagination. The colors are soft with the pen and ink drawing carrying the work.

This small drawing on bristol paper is glued to a 5×7 greeting card. It can be sent as a combined greeting and gift, or buy it for yourself and pop it into a frame. Watercolor wash completes the small work of art. It is the biggest little bargain in my ArtId gallery. I do have a number of cards in my Etsy store.

Cards, whether original or reproductions, are a bread-and-butter item in Lodi Art Center's gallery, and they are often the first thing a person buys at an art gallery. You might call them an entry level drug for the art addict!



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