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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Working Very Small Is a Challenge and a Delight

by Caroline , January 9, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: ACEOs, color, inspiration, making art, painting, technique, watercolor

The image here is of a Fairy & Flowers ACEO that I put up on my Etsy site this morning ACEO's, which are offer for sale, and ATCs, which are traded directly among artists, are 3.5" by 2.5" works of art--about which I had not a clue until about a year ago.

This one is in watercolor and colored pencil. It began when I decided to recycle a workshop piece I had done several years ago. The workshop focus was on working with color in watercolor, and as a time saver the instructor had us work not only from her composition and reference photos, but also her drawing. I learned some things but could hardly call the finished product my own, so it had languished in the drawer of a flat file. I cut away a section that was largely background color, sizing to ACEO dimensions with a paper cutter. In any very small work the challenge is to decide what will be successful in the small space and to avoid unnecessary detail, which can have grotesque results. Thus the fairy has no facial detail. Viewers complete the painting in their heads, as we often invite them to do in larger pieces. Miniaturization has delighted people since ancient times. We have evidence of this in carvings dating even to prehistoric ages. Little wonder that artists swap and collectors collect these wee works.

I've sold several from my Etsy site, have more listed, and have acquired a few from other artists myself.




  Cheyanne ( homepage )

08/08/2011 * 16:43:32

Superbly illuminating data here, tanhks!

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