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Caroline Henry Art Blog

The Coffee Roaster Man at Java Stop

by Caroline , December 31, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art walk, coffee art, humor, ink, shows

Happy New Year! I hope the Coffee Roaster Man gives you a smile to end the old year or start the new. Java Stop, mentioned in the title, is an Art Hop regular, so one regularly sees fresh art on the walls. One of the lovely things that happens at Lodi's Java Stop each spring is a "coffee art" show which includes art related to coffee as well as art created with coffee. If you have not seen the latter, I suggest that you Google the term "coffee art" and see what you can find. On this New Year's Eve, I'm feeling entirely too lazy to look up a URL for you and enter it here!

This is a pretty straight forward ink drawing of a coffee roaster with a bit of emphasis on the details which so resemble human features. It is something of a tribute to small coffee roasters where the sipping of coffee is sometimes enhanced by the wonderful aromas and warmth emanating from the equipment in use.



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