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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Painting When There Is No Time to Paint

by Caroline , December 23, 2008—11:42 AM

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In my family, holidays get spread around, and I'm the one who "does" Christmas. We always have one huge family party which can include from 20 to 32 people, depending on circumstances of the, year close to Christmas, and Tom and I host it. In addition we are generally home on Christmas Day, seven of us this year. My studio work table will become one of the serving tables this Sunday, and I just finished putting away the clutter it had accumulated recently.

With all the scrubbing, decorating, cooking, and such, painting time takes a hit. But the school yard painting you see here is on the easel, and I continue to get in a little time on it most every day. I did a value study for it in October, and then it waited while I put together my "Lodi Scenes" show, made Christmas cards for my own use and for gallery sales, painted for the January show i'm participating in, and worked on ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) for a Christmas tree my art group made for a Festival of Trees that raises funds for San Joaquin County Historical Museum at Micke Grove's summer youth program. The tree was beautiful, with its 300 miniature works of art. The painting I'm working on is in oils, and I feel lucky that I have a place to keep work set up for as long as I need to.

I've always carved out time when I need extra moments by rising a couple of hours before everyone else in the house. I can't manage that every day during the darkest time of the year, but it works pretty well for me. It's quiet and still and I'm at my best during the early morning. Yoga stretches and other exercise rev me up before the morning coffee, and then I'm ready to go. I have friends who do their best work late at night when the world around them has shut down; it's the same principle, going for solitary moments at ones best time of day.




  Mary ( homepage )

12/24/2008 * 14:00:11

Every minute, whether stolen or planed, is a good one when you have a brush in your hand.

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