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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Drawing on the Familiar, Espresso--Another Coffee House

by Caroline , December 19, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Sketchbook, cityscape, ink, the artist's life, watercolor

Tillie's exists in an old downtown building and is a favorite gathering spot for business people and shoppers. Sidewalk tables offer a charming street scene, but in this drawing I turned toward the facade and interior. A fountain and mural bracket the window which sports a neon coffee cup and "Espresso" sign. Inside a young lady with the lovely name Aurora prepares sandwiches. 6" by 8" in 9" by 12" mat.

When I first started creating art, while working full time as an English teacher, as was apt to do most of my sketchbook work while on weekend or vacation trips. Then I began to carry the sketch book more regularly in my day to day life. If I was pushing a pencil around a page during overlong faculty meetings, perhaps my administrator got an eog boost by thinking someone was actually taking notes! A break from errands about town resulted in this view of Tillie's, and I hope it carries the warmth and character of a unique, independent shop in a world too filled with brand name establishments that could be "Anywhere, USA".



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