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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Local Scenes for a Local Gallery

by Caroline , December 15, 2008—04:46 PM

Topics: art business, art events, cityscape, ink, marketing and promotion, shows, watercolor

This is a shot of my "featured artist" show from November "Lodi Scenes". There was a bit of a comedy of errors about this show which actually resulted in more sales both for myself and the other works in the Lodi Art Center Gallery. The local paper ran notice of my show the weekend of the real reception, then they ran a feature piece with photo and announced the reception again for that Sunday. Of course, I had to have another reception. What are you going to do?!!

I made cards from almost all the images and reproductions of some of the most popular spots. I sold two originals and quite a few cards and reproductions. These continue in the gallery now that the show is over. The artist who followed me also chose a local theme but focussed more on landscape, with scenes of Lodi Lake and local vineyards. These are also generating public interest. It is always fun to see the familiar though the eyes and artistic talent of another person.

Most of the work in my show was pen and ink with watercolor wash. Almost all include human figures, for that is what livens a cityscape. Several people have told me that this combo results their favorites of my works.



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