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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Arctic Abstraction

by Caroline , December 13, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art organization, color, inspiration, making art, materials, sea scape, technique, watercolor, wet on wet painting

I was challenged to do something a little more abstract than my usual when the art group I belong to made Abstraction its January show theme. We allow our members to show work outside the theme, but the themes help us stretch a little.

For this painting wet the bottom two thirds of the sheet and then ran a bead of watercolor in a mix of idanthrene blue, Paynes gray, and cobalt, more concentrated toward the front as it moved to the foreground. The same combination with very little water later created my darkest darks. Hand made papers, tissue papers, and iridescent medium helped build the iceberg shapes. The Northern Lights are suggested by streaks of watercolor onto very wet paper.It suggests, rather than portrays. When I asked a family member what it seemed to him to be, he thought of rocks in water with colorful sails in the distance. But he could see why I decided to call it Arctic, too.



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