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Caroline Henry Art Blog

House of Coffees

by Caroline , December 6, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: ink, the artist's life

Small (5" by 5") square ink drawing depicts a cozy neighborhood coffee house. The barista finishes preparing drinks for a customer who looks on. Muffins tempt from a small glass case on the counter. A trove of flavorings for coffees or Italian sodas is shelved behind the counter. A tabletop and two chairs appear in the foreground.

I sat drinking a warming coffee on a brisk day as I drew this. Well, the drawing was between sips, because it is a single line. House of Coffees is just around the corner from my group's gallery, but it is the kind of coffee place I seek out wherever I go. Small, tied to its community, with its own unique personality, and good coffee.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

12/10/2008 * 12:18:00

Thanks, Zander. I know you love your sketchbook, too, and creating spontaneous art. Caroline


  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

12/06/2008 * 19:50:56

love this sketch! Zander

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